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"Fractured", etching, 34" x 39", 2019

We are in an age where as humans we are depleting our environment, unable to live together peacefully, and boxing ourselves in with denial, while nature is creating its own rules around us.

"New World Order", 27" x 34", etching 2019

Nature, with all its power, is changing how we exist within it and we seem to be carefree and ignoring it.

Danger is Just a Hairs Breath Away. Etching, chine colle, 12" x 16."

Heritage Denied. 15" x 18" . Lithograph, chine colle'. 2001

Feet rising, a metaphor for rising above conflict, also symbolize release.


Looking up Toward Hope. Etching, chine colle'. 14, 18"

Scenic Journey to Ft. Marion. Etching 14" x 36".

They were as Numerous as Grass. Lithograph, woodcut. 22" x 22”. (2002/2004)

Although the drawing alludes to the disappearance of the buffalo, the text reveals names of various Indian chiefs who died either through conflict, disease or old age. Both reference the disappearance of a history.

Wisdom. Etching. 3" x 3". (2000)

Native Sioux lore says the weasel represents wisdom, and the beaver long life.


ABC's of Civilization. Lithograph, goatskin vellum chine colle from 19th century British land document.

Keep. Etching chine colle. 18.25x27.6 "